New Bill Looks to Ease Financial Burden For Parents Seeking Guardianship

When welcoming a baby into the world, there are many hopes and dreams parents have for their child. These dreams include watching them grow up and become an independent adult.

When your child has a profound intellectual disability, however, those dreams can change. Such is the case for David and D’Anne Thompson as they continually pursue the legal right to continue their guardianship of their adult son, Caleb.

Caleb, now 20, suffers from a rare seizure related disorder known as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. The results of this disorder include cognitive function akin to a typical 4-year-old. The laws as they are in Texas are written to represent the best interests of the would-be-dependent. Typically, this would be considered a good thing. In cases such as Caleb’s, however, the courts tend to be time consuming and costly for something that many feel should be a straightforward guardianship process.

HB 1675 seeks to change that by providing safeguards for families in these kinds of situations that may not be able to afford the traditional guardianship process. Read more about Caleb and HB 1675 in this San Antonio Express News article.

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