San Antonio Father and Son Drown in Port Aransas Beach

With summer in full swing, many are making their way to the beach for some fun in the sun. As temperatures continue to rise, it’s hard to resist a weekend of swimming to beat the heat. Unfortunately, things can happen when you least expect them and these fun-filled outings can take a turn for the worst before you know it. This was the case with a local father and son just last week.

While swimming at the beach in Port Aransas, 47 year old Richard Allen Mireles Jr. swam out to save his 19 year old son, Nicholas Austin Mireles, after seeing him in distress. Sadly, the father began to drown before making it out to his son. Surf rescue teams pulled the father from the water, performed CPR, and then rushed to the hospital where he died later that evening. Officers patrolled the beach in search for the son, where his body was found two days later just off the shore. For more details, visit this My San Antonio article.

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