San Antonio’s Current COVID-19 Indicators ‘Concerning’ to Officials

Even though more people are being vaccinated, the COVID-19 Delta variants are continuing to spread. Don’t allow the increasing vaccinations along with the lower positivity rate for the virus be a reason to let your guard down. This recent COVID-19 data is a eye-opening example on how fast the positivity rate can rise.

After months of sitting below the 5 percent threshold for COVID-19 positivity rate, San Antonio is ticking back up and officials are concerned. The 5 percent threshold is generally the marker that signals the need for tighter control on transmission. The last time the area had a positivity rate above the benchmark was March 14, according to online data. At that point the rate was 5.6 percent. It’s currently 5.8 percent. On June 6, the city reported a 1.2 percent positivity rate, which was the lowest on record. For more details, visit this My San Antonio article.

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