How Long Does Probate Take?

We live in an age where technology has afforded us the luxury of tasks being completed quickly. As a result of this, we typically expect processes to be fast and become annoyed when they take longer than expected.

The reality of probate, unfortunately, is that it is not fast. It is a slow process.

Typically, it takes six months from the time the probate application is submitted to the time when the probate is closed. And that is only if everything goes according to plan. We usually estimate that clients should be prepared to expect six to eight months.

That being said, there are situations that can make the probate process longer. Family disputes, missing records, the probate court having too many cases, or the probate court assigning an unresponsive attorney ad litem are just a few examples of issues that slow down the process.

Additionally, there are occasionally instances when you may want to hold the probate process open longer. For example, it may be easier to hold the probate process open if one of the heirs is a minor. In this case, waiting until they turn 18 to distribute their property may be the easiest course of action.

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