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Clients want to know what steps need to be taken in their probate case and when to complete them.  Additionally, many don’t want to pay a probate attorney to take care of routine administrative tasks.

In light of this, we have created a client dashboard for those who prefer a more hands on approach. This form of communication gives us the opportunity to provide many tools to aid in the probate process. Included, you will find step-by-step instructions, guidance, checklists, and a host of other tools to make taking action in this process easier. This system gives us the unique opportunity to communicate with you about your case on your terms.

These tools are part of many innovations that we have implemented to make our client’s experience as seamless as possible.

What Our Clients Say

I truly enjoyed the professionalism and knowledge of this law group. Their website explained everything in a way I could understand and follow easily which was the reason I chose them for my probate case. The attorney I talked to was very polite and professional and knew what she was talking about which made me comfortable with my decision to follow through with them for my probate. I would highly recommend them if you need help with probate and wills.

Jessica R.

Mr. Mitchell was very prompt returning phone calls when I needed to ask questions concerning my probate .He always gave me the answers to my questions in a positive and informative manner. There was no doubt that I hired the right man. He is very courteous and professional . You should have comfort with Mr. Mitchell representing you.

Ralph F.

I really appreciated the entire process. Mr. Mitchell’s front office lady courteously answered the phone and immediately set up a conference so that I may ask my questions. Same day! Mr. Mitchell was very polite and carefully listened to my concerns and helped explain my options. He even did a follow-up email on what we discussed. I’m keeping [i]n touch for any future foreseeable needs.

Miriam E.

Erin Breaux was on point with her advice regarding my late father’s estate.  She was detail focused and knowledgeable about the law as it applied both generally and more importantly to my specific circumstances.  Her professionalism did not detract from her humanity, and she exacted the information needed to assist me while providing supportive and understanding insight in a difficult time.  If you are wondering who to call to help you with an estate law question in Texas; you found them.

Elizabeth B.

I spoke to one of the attorney’s who was very knowledgeable and provided a wealth of information for me to try to resolve the issue on my own.  I did get a quote for my case and it was very reasonable.  If I can’t resolve it I will definitely hire them!

Cheryl S.

Kreig was not only a consummate professional, but also provided the detail and counsel needed to resolve our issues. I would, without question, use Kreig again in the future and recommend him highly.

Kevin M.

Excellent! The attorney helped me with everything involved in probate. I was majorly troubled because of my executive, but my attorney resolved my case very well. Can’t resist recommending them!!

Junior O.