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Probate Disputes

Probate disputes happen. This is especially true when there are second marriages, common law marriages, adopted children, or children who receive unequal inheritances. The stakes are higher when there is more property or assets involved. We help protect our clients interests in probate disputes. This includes will contests, property disputes, and fiduciary and trust litigation.

Intestate Estates

The term “intestate” refers to the situation when someone dies without a valid will. Texas intestacy law provides for who gets the decedent’s assets. When this happens, an administrator is appointed to manage the probate process and the administrator or the probate court then determines how to distribute the assets. We represent and advise clients on intestate estate matters in the San Antonio and surrounding area.

Property Transfers

In some cases, there is no need to do a full probate after someone dies. You may only need to transfer property. An affidavit of heirship, small estate affidavit, or possibly a Muniment of Title can be used to transfer the property. Please reach out to one of our attorneys today, as we take the time to consider all of these options for transferring title to real estate without having a formal probate.

Probate of Wills

When looking at a probate case, a last will certainly helps the process along. The probate process includes admitting said will to the probate and distributing the assets as designated by the deceased. An executor will be appointed if the will provides for one. This individual must carry out the probate process in order to help make certain that the estate is distributed as intended by the will.


Texas law allows for the appointment of a guardian for an individual who is not able to take care of their person or property. The rules are strict. Guardians have power to act, but can also be liable for failing to act or for violating their fiduciary duties. We help clients with Guardianship matters in the San Antonio and the surrounding area.

Estate & Tax Planning

Everyone has an estate plan–even if it is the default plan provided by our probate laws. The default plan may not work for you. It may lead to disputes, expensive probate litigation, increased taxes, inefficient transfers, and, worse yet, it can ruin family relationships. We help clients in the San Antonio and surrounding area plan their estates to avoid these situations.

We can help with your probate.