11Navigating the Complexities of Co-Guardianship Arrangements
Co-guardianships are complex arrangements that require careful management, especially when parents share responsibility for an incapacitated ward. Such arrangements involve a delicate balance of rights and responsibilities. However, disputes can arise, leading one parent to seek clarification and enforcement of the co-guardianship order, while the other parent proposes specific possession schedules. The In re Guardianship...
11Retirement Plan Terms Can Trump State Probate Laws
Having specific language and instructions in wills or estate plans can help distribute a decedent’s assets in accordance to their wishes. There may be cases where more than one beneficiary can lay claim to a decedent’s assets.  As San Antonio probate attorneys, we often see this when individuals feel they are entitled to the property or...
11Contracts Entered Into by a Person Who Lacks Mental Capacity
What happens if someone enters into a contract to sell property, but there is evidence that they have some mental capacity issues?  What if the mental capacity issues are serious, like dementia, and they are so significant that they warrant the appointment of a guardian shortly after the contracts are entered into?  Are the contracts...
11Can a Bank Foreclose on an Inherited Property?
The foreclosure process can be complex.  It can be even more complex when the person who takes out a mortgage dies and the property passes to their beneficiaries or heirs.   This can raise questions about the legal and financial responsibilities of both the inheritors of the property and the lender. Who is responsible for the...
119 Records to Locate after the Death of a Loved One
Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy, and it can be even more challenging when there is no clear plan for their assets. In Texas, when someone passes away without a will, their assets are subject to the state’s intestacy laws. This means that the court will distribute the assets according...
11Will vs. Estate Planning
Many people think that creating a last will and testament is all that is needed to protect their assets and ensure that their loved ones are taken care of after they pass away. However, a will is only a part of a comprehensive estate plan that can provide greater protection, minimize taxes, and avoid family...
11Is An Attorney Needed to Probate a Will?
Probate law can be complex, particularly when a loved one passes away without leaving a will. In this case study, we explore the legal process for probating an estate without a will. We also consider the challenges that arise when the family members live in another state and provide practical advice on how to navigate...
11Challenging a Will in Texas: A Case Study
The probate process can be a complex and emotional time for families, especially when the validity of a will is called into question. In Texas, the validity of a will can be challenged on several grounds, including fraud, undue influence, duress, and lack of capacity. In this article, we will examine a case study involving...
11Navigating Joint Power of Attorney in Texas Probate Law
The use of durable powers of attorney is a common practice in Texas, allowing individuals to appoint agents to manage their financial affairs in the event they become incapacitated. However, when it comes to joint powers of attorney, financial institutions may be hesitant to honor the document. What is a Joint Power of Attorney? Joint...
11pexels rodrigo souza
The loss of a loved one is a difficult and emotional time, but when it is combined with the responsibilities of managing an estate, the process can become overwhelming. In this article, we will explore a case study of probate in Texas with a video will and highlight some of the important considerations involved. Understanding...
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