Who Do We Represent?

The Applicant is the Client

Probate attorneys represent the applicant in the state of Texas. This makes the applicant the client. This means that the attorney is focus is on the applicant’s needs. This is spelled out in our engagement letter, which lists the name of our client.

The exception to this is when there is more than one applicant, as in the case of a co-executor or co-administrator. When this happens, the engagement letter will list all of the parties as the client.

The probate attorney does not represent the other family members concurrently. The applicant is responsible for conveying this message to other family members, so they do not believe that the attorney is representing their interests.

Separate Representation for Others

It is highly encouraged for family members and others to hire their own probate attorneys. We do represent other parties in cases where we are not representing the applicant. This is also spelled out in our engagement letter.

We can help with your probate.