September 2022
Introduction When you die, your will is probated. Probate is the process of validating and formalizing a will. This article will teach you about which county you must probate a will in Texas if the decedent was deemed insane. Legal Terminology Administrator with will annexed: This means the original executor named in the will was...
11Probate Statute of Limitations
Will Disputes What would happen if a will could go through probate twice? This is generally prohibited. Wills are typically only probated once. If an agreement was made to accept the terms of a will and release all claims against the estate, the acceptee usually cannot relitigate the estate. Womble v. Akins gives us more...
11san antonio probate no will
Probate is the legal process of overseeing the distribution of a person’s estate after they die. It can be complicated and time-consuming, but fortunately there are people who can help make it happen – namely, probate attorneys. In this article, we’ll explore what probate attorneys do, who can initiate a probate in Texas, and some...

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