January 2023
11Qualities to Look for in a Personal Representative
Texas state law mandates that for any probate matter, a personal representative must be appointed in order to represent the decedent’s estate. But what exactly does that mean? How can one determine who is capable and eligible to be the personal representative? And what qualities do they need to possess in order to serve this...
11Will Lawyers
Obtaining a guardianship can be a complex legal process. The term “guardianship” refers to the court supervision of an incapacitated person. The court appoints a guardian legal authority to make personal and/or financial decisions for the incapacitated person. It involves petitioning the court to appoint someone as the legal guardian of another person, known as...
11Last will and Testament
Having a will helps a testator to distribute an estate as they see fit, and can make taking care of family after death much easier. Where intestate succession administers an estate in accordance to Texas intestate succession laws, Whether drafting a new will or updating an existing one, there are certain things to know and...
11When is a Contract Not Subject to Equitable Conversion?
Equitable conversion is a legal doctrine that treats a contract for the sale of property as if the property has already been transferred, even though the actual transfer has not yet occurred. This shifts risk between the buyer and seller. However, there are situations where equitable conversion does not apply to a contract. However, when...

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