11Probate Missing Person San Antonio
Who is responsible for the probate administration of a missing person? This is not a question that comes up very often and you typically do not need to know the answer until you are faced with this unfortunate situation. For example, if you are a beneficiary of an estate, you will probably be dealing with...
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11san antonio probate
Judge explains why Bexar county probate court is important One of the most important courts in Texas is the one we’re least familiar with: probate court. We (or at least our heirs) might end up there some day. Bexar County Probate Court 2 Judge Veronica Vasquez notes that probate court touches “every life in Bexar...
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11Probate Statute of Limitations
Statute of Limitations on Estate Claims The statute of limitations is a law that limits the amount of time a person has to file a lawsuit against another person or entity. The statute of limitations on claims against a decedent’s estate, commonly referred to as the probate statute of limitations, varies from state to state....
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11Exclusive Jurisdiction and the Texas Probate Court
Chief Duties of the Texas Probate Court The chief duties of the probate court are to supervise the probate of wills and the administration of estates. The probate process, including the distribution of the estate’s assets, is governed by the Texas Estates Code and the Texas Probate Code. In most cases in Texas, probate is...
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11will headings conflict
A lot of planning goes into preparing a Last Will and Testament.  The testator agonizes over who is going to take what asset and when.  The testator thinks through who should serve as the executor and what powers they should have.  Then the estate planning attorney carefully crafts the legal document.  And great care is...
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11probate court change of will
What if a loved one executes a will based on a faulty assumption? What if you can prove the error? For example, what if a loved one fails to include a family member in their will because they mistakenly believe that family member is already provided for outside of the will? Can the omitted family...
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11hand shake probate
It is generally common knowledge that, in America, citizens have the right to represent themselves in court. So if you are an executor for a will, it makes sense to think that you might not need to hire an attorney. However, this is not necessarily true. When probating a will, the estate and the executor...
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11san antonio probate court authority
Our Texas probate laws provide for independent administrations. The term “independent administration” means a probate that has very little court supervision or involvement. The “independent executor” is left to themselves to know and follow the law. This is why many executors prefer to serve as dependent administrators. They prefer having the court make the difficult...
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11(a) If applications for probate proceedings involving the same estate are filed in two or more courts having concurrent venue, the court in which a proceeding involving the estate was first commenced has and retains jurisdiction of the proceeding to the exclusion of the other court or courts in which a proceeding involving the same estate was commenced. (b) The first commenced probate proceeding extends to all of the decedent's property, including the decedent's estate property.
There are times when you want to have a local judge or court decide a case. This can help if the court is familiar with the local circumstances or the parties. It can also help if there is a similar fact pattern that one knows the judge or court has considered previously or if the...
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