Four Things to Include in Your Will

Having a will helps a testator to distribute an estate as they see fit, and can make taking care of family after death much easier. Where intestate succession administers an estate in accordance to Texas intestate succession laws, Whether drafting a new will or updating an existing one, there are certain things to know and include in them. The following four factors are amongst the most important to keep in mind when working on a will, as these factors can help in proper estate planning.


If married, spouses can be included within the will. All assets can be left with a spouse, or they can be distributed in any matter if need be. If minor children are involved, a spouse can help to administer their inheritance until they come of age.

Children & Grandchildren

When writing a will, it is important to include any children in the will. This allows for them to be taken care for a prolonged period of time after death. If a child is a minor, having a will can help designate a guardian for them as well. Provisions within the will can also help provide for them financially, and this can include accounts such as a trust fund or financial account.

The same can apply to grandchildren, if need be.


When thinking of someone to take the role of an estate administrator, guardian, or executor, parents may be obvious choices for these roles. However, they should only be named if they are willing and able to take on the responsibilities. Apart from financial assets, parents can be left with items of sentimental value.


Just like parents, siblings can be a testator’s first choice for taking the roles of estate administrators, guardians, or executors. However, just like parents, they should be named if they are willing and able to take on these responsibilities.

The Takeaway

Writing a will is an important step in making sure a testator’s estate and assets are taken care of after death. Apart from leaving beneficiaries specific assets and property, taking the time to include specific items like guardianships, executors, and other legal considerations can help ensure that these wishes are honored upon death. Doing so helps to ease the probate process on loved ones after death, and ensure that an estate is split up in accordance to a testator’s final wishes.

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