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If you’re considering making an online will, you might be wondering if it’s actually legal. The short answer is yes, an online will is just as valid as a handwritten one – as long as it meets all the requirements of a regular will. Keep reading to learn more about what makes a will valid,...
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San Antonio Probate of Wills
Dependent Probate Administration Before filing the probate application, one has to make a choice between dependent or independent probate administration. The term “dependent administration” refers to the probate being administered by the personal representative with direct supervision by the court. As explained below, dependent administration is an extremely restrictive method for administering an estate. This...
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San Antonio Probate
What’s the Difference Between an Estate Plan and a Living Trust? If you’re planning for the future of your estate, you may be wondering what the difference is between an estate plan and a living trust. Some people believe they are the same thing. But the truth is they aren’t. There is a significant difference...
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