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11When Does the Probate Statute of Limitations Begin?
Will Disputes What would happen if a will could go through probate twice? This is generally prohibited. Wills are typically only probated once. If an agreement was made to accept the terms of a will and release all claims against the estate, the acceptee usually cannot relitigate the estate. Womble v. Akins gives us more...
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Legal Terminology Estates Code on Probate Suit Transfer: Texas law authorizes a statutory probate court to transfer to itself from a district court a cause of action “appertaining to or incident to an estate pending in the statutory probate court.” Mandamus relief: Available only when a trial court clearly abuses its discretion and when there...
11Estate Plan vs. Living Trust: What's the Difference?
If you’re considering making an online will, you might be wondering if it’s actually legal. The short answer is yes, an online will is just as valid as a handwritten one – as long as it meets all the requirements of a regular will. Keep reading to learn more about what makes a will valid,...
11Last Will and Testament
Introduction When creating a will, a person may rely on a life insurance beneficiary who will be designated to handle their affairs. A person may rely on a life insurance beneficiary if they are unable to read, write, or are in any other way inhibited from handling their affairs themselves. Having a life insurance beneficiary...
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Judge explains why Bexar county probate court is important One of the most important courts in Texas is the one we’re least familiar with: probate court. We (or at least our heirs) might end up there some day. Bexar County Probate Court 2 Judge Veronica Vasquez notes that probate court touches “every life in Bexar...
11Exclusive Jurisdiction and the Probate Court
Chief Duties of the Texas Probate Court The chief duties of the probate court are to supervise the probate of wills and the administration of estates. The probate process, including the distribution of the estate’s assets, is governed by the Texas Estates Code and the Texas Probate Code. In most cases in Texas, probate is...
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